You pay different.

iOS and Android compatible.

Forget Your Wallet

Payment is secure and easy now.


One tap payment simplicity with no registration forms.


With Bir Cuzdan Wallet you can pay without having your credit cards with you and there are discounts in desired locations.

iPhone, Android & Windows

Bir Cuzdan Wallet is a high tech payment platform that is supported on iPhone, iPod, Android & Windows Phone(soon).


Bir Cuzdan Wallet technology does not store your personal information, just pays.


You can download Bir Cuzdan Wallet from App Store & Play Store for free and you can pay.

Patented Technology

Without storing personal information patented payment technology makes your payment in a secure way.

Secure Without Registration

Download Bir Cuzdan Wallet, add your card and start payment without filling registration forms or sharing your personal information. Patented payment solution eliminates potential phone theft threats and cyber attack risks.

  • Patented mobile payment platform
  • Accept Visa and Mastercard
  • Discounts in desired merchants
  • Does not ask your personal information

Your Bank and GSM carrier doesn't matter

All Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro cards are accepted by Bir Cuzdan Wallet. No matter what your bank and GSM carrier is. You can download Bir Cuzdan Wallet from App Store and Google Play market then you are ready to add your cards and make payment.

Simple Payment

Download app, add your card and pay.


Available on App Store and Google Play and it's free. Add your cards and you are ready.

Add Your Card

There are no registration forms, type your credit card information and replace your old fashion wallet.


Skip the line and grab your lunch with Bir Cuzdan Wallet's one tap payment button.

A New Wallet

Add your card, make your payment.

Coming soon on iPhone and Android stores.

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